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Something More
pentacles, magic

Fan art for Larry Marder's Beanworld. The longest part was drawing all the Slats, Hoops, Twinks, and Chips in the bottom. Woo.
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It's lovely. I've read about Beanworld before, but I've never read Beanworld. It's really interesting, and I hope I get the chance some day.

That's it. You've done it. I'm going to spring for some of this Beanworld in analog, molecular format next chance I get.

(Deleted comment)
*cackle* Beautiful.

And yeah, green sky. It just seemed… appropriate, to balance the super-iconicness of most of Beanworld's designs.

This is incredibly beautiful!

I came here from your link on Larry's blog, and I'm glad I did. That's lovely!

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