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Thanks for all your work. Would you be willing to update your original post with links to parts 2, 3, and 4 (and any other resources you've got)? That's what I'm primarily pointing people to.

I started putting the '' tag on them, I'll put a note at the bottom to point people's attention there for more!

It looks like something has decided that it was a good idea to try to hyphenate the code; furthermore, it's done a dreadful job, sticking hyphens in within 1 character of the start/end of a "word"!

You might want to try to restrain whatever it is...

P.S. also, for some reason the background image seems to be forming a stripe down the center of the page, which is pretty distracting.

The stripe is intentional; it's a visual link to my website.

I have no idea what's doing the hyphenation. Somebody's inserting a bunch of &shy; and it seems to be LJ; if I edit the post it's not there. Editing it and changing the <code> the code was in to a %lt;pre> seems to have fixed it.

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