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And all of them are fronts for Interzone Incorporated!

Many thanks for the sleuthing!

They pretty much are, aren't they? In a metaphorical fashion. I mean, seo/marketing folks are kinda people I think of as the enemy - they game loopholes in search engine algorithms to get their stuff in front of your eyes when you're looking for something else.

Yeah, this definitely isn't an example of white-hat SEO stuff, let's say.

Except for the ones that are fronts for Trak.

(smoke trak cigarettes. they like you. trak like any you. any trak like you)

so once again Google is angling to dominate the ad revenue via net?

great detective work!

To be precise, Google seems to own part of Performics. Dunno which half this is.

The controversial[6] search engine marketing and optimization part of Performics was acquired by Publicis in 2008, after the purchase of DoubleClick by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) had been finalized.[7] The affiliate network part of DoubleClick Performics remained with Google and was re-branded Google Affiliate Network. mentions Publicis (a huge French advertising holding company) as their owner. Mm. I mis-spoke and will correct this in my post.

Lovin' your tenacity on this. You are fierce!

"@egypturnash No, the old Performics affiliate network is now Google Affiliate Network (GAN). Thanks!" [*]

So -- assuming they're telling the truth, which I have no reason to doubt since this is probably easy for anyone with knowledge of the industry to verify -- does this mean Google really is being evil?

Possibly! I suggested that Performics have a coffee with DR and ask why their name still shows up in DR's linkjacks. It should be easy; they're both in Chicago after all.

Q: "Hey @Performics, is your subsidiary? Their linkjacking code is pretty sloppy."

A: "@egypturnash No, the old Performics affiliate network is now Google Affiliate Network (GAN). Thanks!"

Does that mean this is *entirely* Google's doing, after all?

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