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This made the mascots much more tolerable. I sense loads of slashfic in the future of these boys. ^o^

You should make this into a t-shirt. It's wonderful.

And really, what says "21st Century London" more than anthropomorphic security cameras?

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These de-chibified mascots are wonderful!



First, I think that is brilliant. I love those. I can even identify what those kinda are. Now, compare that to what I see when I look at the real mascots, and the only thing I see is fire! Fire! FIRE!

I was naive to think that no one could come up with mascots worse then Izzy. I mean, Athena and Phevos were bad, but they were still better then Izzy.

I never in my life imagined that someone would WANT to create a mascot to be in direct competition for Worse Mascot Ever... Much less two.

Wow. 400,000 pounds for those overdesigned, anthro-steel drops which don't even look like steel drops? Wow. Yes, yours are far more interesting. The real designs just beg to be redrawn, right? Like anyone could do better. Perhaps I'll give it a go...

Here you go, after about five minutes:


SHINY BULGE *cackle*

and yeah, those guys have been so excessively focus-grouped and executive-interfered that they've had all the interesting knocked off. If there every was any...

Conversational bookmark for later: the three animal mascots from the Salt Lake City Olympiad...

Is that the one that got Pedobear somehow involved?

Dear god no. If so, that's not what I was thinking! O.o I just thought it was a pretty good example of a blandified Olympic logo, because I visually misread one of the characters as having a much more lively expression at first. I'll show you when I see ya next in front of a computer. ^_^

You know what helps when playing sports?


the new catchphrase; "Olympic Cyclops"

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