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i got this tiger running and the only thing to do now is see how far i can ride it
pentacles, magic
Kicktraq - a site that tracks the performance of Kickstarter projects, and estimates final performance.

The number it estimated for Rita based on its first two days kinda broke me for a few minutes. It's enough to live on for a year and a half, if not for those pesky details like "actually giving people what they paid for". It's also probably an inaccurate estimate, what with being based on a tiny sample, with about half of the limited number of serious PATRON OF THE ARTS levels being taken - once those are sold out I figure the curve will have to flatten, unless it becomes Big News. But on the other hand I think it may also be on its way to showing up to people browsing the comics category of Kickstarter (in fact it's broken into the bottom of the first page of that, WOOHOO), and even maybe pop up on the front page of the site for people in Seattle - right now the bottom spot on the Seattle projects page is regularly flipping between my comic and a pretty bra with a pocket in it, but once Dave's game tokens (he shows up at Jason's game nights regularly, and holy shit 600%) ends it will probably be a fixture on that page until it ends.

And of course if it gets highlighted in the Kickstarter newsletter, or if one of the comics/pop culture blogs I sent it to picks it up, then any guessing at this early stage goes right out the window.

I've screengrabbed some of Kicktraq's predictions for currently running comics projects, and will see how it does.

And if it's prediction from this little data turns out to be right... holy shit I guess I finally have a viable career or something here. And I will get to keep doing comics instead of having to hustle to Find A Real Job.

(Also the creator of the site basically says "don't trust this in the first few days" - but still. I'm fully funded, and while I've probably gotten most of all that I'm gonna get from my existing fanbase, now it's qualified for additional exposure by the Kickstarter system.)

But even if Kicktraq's estimate for me is waaayyyy off (which it probably is, given that I have not entered the trough that pretty much al Kickstarters seem to experience)... It's still pretty hard not to get excited when looking at graphs like this. Holy fuck.

(screengrab from Kickstarter's backend)

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