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pentacles, magic

3. Blah is raising a finger. He’s looking quite imperious. We can see Alecto standing up in the background; she’s starting to look a little annoyed.

BLAH Excuse me. Am I going to be able to take a report on this to the Huntsmaster any time soon, or shall I come back after the blame has been thoroughly assigned to whichever one of you gets tired of arguing first?

ALECTO Um, hey, hello? What’s going on here? Are you people even listening to me?

4602 words. Chapter 2 of Drowning City is about half written. And will definitely need some editing as I kind of wandered a bit. But I got to show how bitchy the Fair Folk are, so that’s cool.

Also I got some progress in on the next page of Rita, including some design/model stuff for upcoming pages. Plus I came out of the shower and drew an overview of the shape of the rest of book 2 on the mirror, then sat down and expanded on it in my sketchbook a bit, and made some more notes on the overall shape of book 3. There are ducks, and I am getting them into a row, damnit.

Also I managed to make myself exercise a bit again. I’ve crept up in weight; I’m now hovering around 170, which is about 15 pounds heavier than I would prefer to be. I’ve really got to just restart the habit of exercising daily to lose this instead of spreading out even more in the wintertime.

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Staying fit in winter is such a challenge around here. The feeling that you just need to cocoon is so pervasive and tempting.

It's bad but it's not as bad as it was in Boston!

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