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trundling away
pentacles, magic

5346 words. Huzzah. Chapter 2 is up to page 9. The chapter’s not done but I think it’s close to done despite being about half the length of chapter 1. 2 will probably be a few pages more, at least; there’s some loose dialogue waiting for me to wrap the setting and acting around it. Also some of the dialogue in this chapter is kind of weak and overly direct; I haven’t found the voice for any of the Fair Folk yet.

I almost knocked off early, but I was like fuck you Peggy, you wrote like 1200 words the first two days but that doesn’t let you wimp out, 1000 words per day is still your minimum all damn month long. (Which the observant will note is only going to work out to 30k words at the end of the month rather than the 50k required for a traditional Nanowrimo run; I’ve set my goals lower because I’m focused entirely on beating this giant pile of old ideas into SHAPE rather than Writing A Novel.)

I’m debating if I want to move it from Evernote into Scrivener, so I can have separate sections for each chapter and easily get things like “overall wordcount”. I was originally thinking I might write some of it in bed with the iPad, which pretty much meant it needed to live in EN, but so far I’ve done all my writing here with the computer and its keyboard. I got Scrivener cheap in the recent MacHeist bundle, so it’s not like I’d be putting it into a time-limited beta or anything…

Now to go home, or at least to another cafe, and get some work done on something else. Probably FC t-shirts, I think.

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Scrivener is really great. I've used other things but when I tried Scrivener last year it blew them all out of the water. The only time I use something different is for small things like elaborate blog posts or diary keepings, in which case I use MacJournal.

I'm really into Evernote because of having it always available as long as I have ONE of my devices with me. All my planning for Rita is done there, or ends up there. But this looks like it's shaping up to be all about POUNDING OUT THE WORDS, and doing that on the phone or iPad sucks butt.

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