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pentacles, magic

Drowning City: 9554 words. About half of the nearly 1900 words I added today were pulled from my old LJ entries as I was looking to see if I’d posted anything to do with the scene where Alecto has a nightmare about a magic sword being reforged into a gun, but the rest were new stuff. I didn’t find that particular scene, and I didn’t feel like rewriting it tonight, so I pondered this one character who was originally going to be hanging out in a subway tunnel. Which is pretty absurd in New Orleans; this was a bit of LA (yes there’s subways there, and I was taking it regularly around the time Alecto showed up in my head) that made it into the story. I ditched the subway but kept her (or him) around; I figured out what she’s doing in New Orleans, and probably how she gets killed by the elves.

I also did some work on that much-delayed collaboration with Howarth today. About time. And I got several of the Kickstarter sketches done. I gotta say, this mind hack of “I’m going to knock off work for the day at 5pm” is working pretty well to create a sense of urgency and keep myself on task.

(I also cheated by doing my NaGraNoScriMoing* well past 5pm… but I think I’m gonna call that “recreation” rather than “work”. Plus I have found that it’s a total productivity killer to do it in the morning, as I want to do it sitting down – and if I do that, then I don’t get up and get to drawing for HOURS after I’m done writing.)

I’m totally not going to reach my intended wordcount of 30k on Drowning City at the end of the month if I keep going at this rate, but frankly I don’t care. I’ve got nearly 10,000 words of script and outline for it that I didn’t have ten days ago, in digital form so it’s backed up locally and in the cloud, and that is a definite win in my book already.

* National Graphic Novel Scripting Month

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10k words in 10 days sounds like 30k words in a month to me... best of luck. And DAYAM you're busy!

It's been erratic; I figure it will continue to be. It would have been less if not for "cheating" according to Nanowrimo's rules by dropping in about a thousand words from previous writing. But then again my stated goal is to get this pile of fragments rewritten into something worth editing over the next year, then using as a script.

Oh yeah, and yesterday also involved like 3 hours catching up on Homestuck during the time I've allocated for work. If you have the luxury of not having a day job, and can stop yourself from slacking, you can get a LOT of art done. But that's a couple big ifs.

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