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Really pleased you love this, Peggy - I've been hunting for people who get it;-) The whole concept of shared memories only by mutually signed crypto is wonderful even before we got to Flambeur's subterfuge...

The next one is hugely worth your time. Acquire, I read it whilst on a business trip that was already blowing my mind, and the weird juxtaposition of HK And the post human and and and.... Yes.

Cool, I've been looking for a new book to read. Thanks for the suggestions.

Downloaded and started this last night. Whew! I reminds me of early Gibson in that it's unapologetic in moving forward at full speed withut pausing much to explain thing. But I do get a feel for things and they start to weave together. It also feels TOTALLY Peggy. :"D

As to the suggestion below, I also read, "Light," and think you might like it as well.

I enjoyed this one a lot as well! I felt a little lost in the beginning, and at a few other times, but I got my feet under me soon enough to really enjoy it when the third act hit.

Have you read M. John Harrison's Light? That's the last book (before this) that gave me the same kind of "the future is stranger than you can understand, but try anyway" kind of feeling...

Rita arrived today and she's stunning and delicious. Congrats on a beautiful job! And I love the print, it's gonna get pride of place in my office!

That book was really, really information-dense. Rather liked it. I can't finish Accelerando, but I tore through TQT.

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