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I've wanted to make a fluffy-critter suit for a while so when he's ready to take commissions for such things, I'd be interested to know!

Hello! I am admittedly wanting to focus on the shiny and squeaky varieties of critters, but I definitely want more practice!

My critter has no body hair! And the skin is described as 'smooth and slightly-shiny.' So a latex suit is the perfect choice for it.

I'd post a link to pictures but I bet Egypt's spam filter will eat it as it always does, but we can take this to email (fluffy at beesbuzz dot biz).

How much would this sort of thing end up costing?

Yep! As the VOICE OF WISDOM even. Or something.

I saw you once or twice. Need to stop being too shy to actually say hi. >_

If you were working then "too busy" makes a damn fine excuse, I know I barely knew who was there!

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