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You're a dispenser of wisdom because you think about things, and you think about how to share that with other people. Being a dragon just adds to it, right? ;)

*sits on her hoard* *dispenses wisdom and/or spankings to people who come with the appropriate supplications*

To be our Wise Elder, don't you need a yurt as well.

Altho, I think those might be flammable so counter indicated by also being the Wise Dragon.

I'm a modern sort of dragon. A small apartment in the nice part of town near the shops will do just fine.

I would totally dig a motor yurt.

M linked me that this morning and mentioned how he loved that you were the one providing a sort of balanced viewpoint at the end of the article. :D

We are all becoming people with Reasoned Opinions. How did this happen? We're all GROWNUPS now.

But still childish enough to go to furry cons.

You mean mushroom girl was Anna Anthropy's GF? Wild.

I'm pretty sure you became a dispenser after that hardhat guy smacked your chassis up with a monkey wrench and you got that coin slot installed.

These days I think it'd be easier to explain to people what furries are by pointing out that Bronies are all furries, even if they don't know it or accept it.

I don't think sex is a part of furry; it's a part of life. We're just a hell of a lot more open about it, so it's easier for outsiders to notice, compared to the orgies at business and science conventions.

I think my succinct explanation is "furries are just like comics or anime nerds, except we mostly cosplay as our own personal characters instead of ones from media." Followed maybe by "Also we hug each other more than most fandoms."

Hugs are the best part of Furry, definately. ^.^

Also high-five on the Otherkin comment. It was interesting seeing the opposite perspectives between you and Daphny.

Also is her name seriously spelled Daphny? Every time I saw it in the article, my brain was shouting 'That should be Daphnie!'.

I suspect she's only ever run into SHRIEKY YOUNG OTHERKIN IN THE MIDDLE OF INTERNET DRAMA. Who are about as appealing and respectable from the outside as SHRIEKY YOUNG TRANSPEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE OF INTERNET DRAMA.

I couldn't drop the trump card of "Well, um, actually, I'm otherkin" but I've certainly known 'kin who are eminently sensible and adult about it all, and wanted to stand up for them as using the same language as transpeople because they have the same class of things wrong with them, just in a different direction and magnitude! On Twitter she said that my comments made her reassess her perspective, so, I guess MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

And yeah, it is apparently spelt that way.

I tried to reply, but your LJ told me it was pretty sure I spamming you and deleted it. ;.;

But yeah, I feel for those guys what can't be things. I used to be trans, but then I got worse and now I don't even know what the hell gender even is.

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