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I used to work in just the sort of basement that shiny organizations traditionally stash their IT people in. After a serious bout of SAD in the summer, I installed a full spectrum light. The effect was subtle, but my cube felt a lot more 'real' than it had before. There was just something about the way the shadows fell that told me it was day.

All hail the artificial sun, the bringer of artificial light!

I bottled my apotheosis due to a paltry choice in the local mall. And I hate the choice online - the high end seems to want to pad things out with pseudoscience ionisation beams and tachyon polarity reversal modules, the low end is hard to trust. Mmmm. #zerothworldproblems #dissumerism

Today, perhaps.

All hail mobile Amazon, a long bus journey and the power of JFDI! Lamp on order.

Thanks for the impetus to finally sort this out.

I still try to go for a walk as often as I can make it, but some nights the hours will tick away, suddenly I realize it's 7pm and probably time to switch from full-spectrum to fluorescent again just to accommodate circadian rythms. Space aged technology!

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