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pentacles, magic

I think yesterday may have been one of my best Valentine’s days ever.

Nick came over in the evening. We went to a little Italian restaurant a couple blocks from my place; then I put on something less flamboyant than the glittery blue dress I’d worn to dinner, and we went to a coffee shop for a few hours to talk about a story idea he’s been wrestling with again lately. I was able to make a few suggestions and ask some good questions, which got him thinking in a few new directions and made us both pretty happy.

It was pretty low-key. We exchanged token gifts – he gave me a poster, I gave him some iTunes credit in a humorous card reading “i have no human emotions” that passed through Tumblr the other day. The utter lack of excitement was pretty nice, given our mutual lack of energy.

When he left in the morning, I realized the sun was actually out! So I went for a walk in Ravenna Park for a while. For some reason I found myself walking as silently as possible on the return leg; I’ve never realized just how noisy people are before that.

And now I am downtown after a face zapping appointment. After a sandwich I’m probably going to go chill at Top Pot with my computer for a while and hopefully get some stuff drawn.

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That's sweet. Thanks for sharing it!

(Deleted comment)
It's basically done! Best thing I ever dropped a couple k on, I really never have to worry about shaving any more. There's a few black hairs lingering just under the nose and in the corners of the mouth, other than that stuff is pretty much gone.

The laser stuff (which is what I've been doing) works best if your hair is dark and your skin is pale. I have some white hairs that have survived in the middle of otherwise completely smooth areas because of this. Luckily there's only a few, mostly on the underside of my chin, where they're easily plucked every so often.

I was seeing a major difference after just a few sessions.

Over what time period have you had it done, and how well has it held up? I've heard wildly varying things as to how long it lasts; if I'm gonna through the pain and expensive of getting something done, I really don't wanna have to repeat the process again soon.

I've been having it done over the past year. We'll see how long it lasts.

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