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That's sweet. Thanks for sharing it!

If it's not too intrusive, can I ask how the face zapping goes? I've been thinking about giving some sessions to my girlfriend as a gift, but I've heard a lot of contradictory things about effectiveness.

It's basically done! Best thing I ever dropped a couple k on, I really never have to worry about shaving any more. There's a few black hairs lingering just under the nose and in the corners of the mouth, other than that stuff is pretty much gone.

The laser stuff (which is what I've been doing) works best if your hair is dark and your skin is pale. I have some white hairs that have survived in the middle of otherwise completely smooth areas because of this. Luckily there's only a few, mostly on the underside of my chin, where they're easily plucked every so often.

I was seeing a major difference after just a few sessions.

Over what time period have you had it done, and how well has it held up? I've heard wildly varying things as to how long it lasts; if I'm gonna through the pain and expensive of getting something done, I really don't wanna have to repeat the process again soon.

I've been having it done over the past year. We'll see how long it lasts.

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