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I'd suspect that stealing the material gain of a person who plays with magic will lead to an encounter with trouble. What kind? I dunno. But the magic of connections says you can screw with them as easily as they can screw with you.

"That's odd... every time I pick this stolen card up, it's ill-aspected. Also, I'm broke."

At BAF our demo decks for things usually arrived with a hole punched through the entire thing, on a ring. Then we just tied it to something with a ribbon.

This was my first idea! Sarcifice a deck (sounds like that's taken care of, already), hole-punch the same corner on each, and put them all on one of those huge-ass binder rings. I would hope you wouldn't also need to leash the ring to the table but well, I guess better safe than sorry? X)

I think you could probably drop down to a printer/binder/copyshop and get them to drill out the corner of a deck for very little cash. Probably more likely to align when they're done, as well.

Material gain for the sticky fingers, certainly. Meh.

Tarot Card Bondage. Put them on a ring. That's pretty universal for "Please don't rip this out of the ring and take them".

Fan the tarot cards out with the box sitting upright above them. Place the business cards on a little business card stand (like what you get at office depot or whatever).

Or yeah the binder ring/ribbon binding/whatever idea works too.

i like the ring idea, though you might want to reinforce them with those round sticker things

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