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dream fragments
pentacles, magic

Stuff from my dream last night:

  • Someone costumed as the Third Doctor. Well, not really. That's what he said he was, and that's what my brain totally agreed he was, but I don't think the Third Doctor was two stocky guys without heads, both wearing a thick red cape styled like dragon wings, with big plush dragon paws attached to the corners which were being used as mittens.
  • A couple of fantasy races lining up for battle. Continuing the dragon theme, Pathia was hanging out with me as we wandered around behind the lines, scoping out the coming conflict and telling me about her sexual conquests in the last time this kind of fight happened.
  • The next amazing, bizarre innovation in digital comics: Homestuck was now using gesture recognition, so you now had to make wanking gestures in mid-air to turn the pages.

There was also some kind of lengthy spy/chase thing but I can't remember details beyond that it was pretty damn weird, weird enough that I may have thought it was kinda weird even while dreaming, which is pretty rare for me. I think it involved being chased through a few different realities after sneaking out of a large glassy office complex. In a way very different from being a dream about “Decrypting Rita” would have involved an office building and multiple realities, which I feel I have to clarify now that I type that previous sentence out.

Anyway, guess I'll get out of bed and get ready to go to this weekend figure drawing session in an hour and a half.

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