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the dream of the really big invisible dog
pentacles, magic

I'd been stuck in a classroom with a bunch of school teachers. They were all watching a video about the headmaster's plans for global domination. And it was definitely a headmaster, not a principal – I guess this dream was happening in England, despite the lack of an accent.

I slunk out halfway through and started packing my things. I could still hear the narration carrying from room to room. “Give them to me while they are young and I will own them forever”, details about brainwashing methods, etc. I really didn't want to listen but I couldn't not.

The headmaster came out when it was done. He was apologetic, but now he'd have to kill me. So he set his invisible dog on me. Well, not completely invisible. I could see hints of it if I knew to watch for it. And I could see its spine. I grabbed its head and broke its neck the first time – it was a tiny thing at first. I resumed packing, then suddenly I was maneuvering around, using my full suitcase as a weapon. The intent was to crush the dog with it, and I thought I did – I put my whole weight onto it as well – but then the cloth sides of it started bulging, and I realized the fucking thing was eating its way through the suitcase and everything in it.

I fled. To the kitchen, where I found myself rummaging through a drawer of oversized things in search of a couple of big, hefty knives. I abandoned several pairs of scissors and some weird specialized knives. Eventually I had a couple that I… well, I didn't feel confident in them, but I felt less not confident in them than in anything else in that drawer. And not a moment too soon, for there was its spine hovering a foot or two off the ground as it came trotting in, otherwise invisible.

I struck. And started chopping rhythmically with one knife, while stabbing randomly with the other. Eventually it was in two pieces. The front was still trying to get to me, so I kept chopping at it until it gave up. And then I woke up, aching like crazy due to pulling a muscle in aikido last night.

The chopping may have been based on construction sounds outside. Not sure. I just really wish I'd kept having the dream before that, where my mother was tempting me with some really good pie

Also, as mentioned tangentially above, I pulled a muscle last night. One of the core muscles attached to my ribs, so it's hard to find a good position to sleep in that doesn't put stress on it. I'm going to have to get it looked at and be sure it's not fractured. Assuming it's not, the Internet tells me it'll be achy for a couple weeks. I may be spending a couple days in bed with an ice pack and lots of pillows.

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