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pentacles, magic

Yesterday, Nick came over. We were both pretty wiped out so the evening ended up being one of lounging in the living room and cuddling while I played Skyrim and he puttered on the net. Yeah, I’m playing it again – this time with a lizard-girl assassin named 47. Who refuses to kill anyone for free, and has a weakness for snowberries.

Said weakness led to a moment that made us both laugh: I’d just interrupted a high society wedding by killing the bride, and was wandering through the audience as they emitted their various lines of shock and disbelief. And then my cursor passed over some decorative foliage in a planter: “Ooh! Snowberries!” *pluck* *eat*

We also kicked around ideas for a story involving 47 and a twelve-year-old swamp wallaby assassin Nick had been playing with ideas for. Whether or not it’ll ever come to anything, who knows? But we had fun.

Today, I did less work on page 92 of Rita than I was hoping to. It’s about, I dunno, half to 2/3 done. I won’t have it done before midnight tonight, which means my buffer will be briefly empty, but I should be able to finish it on the train down to Portland tomorrow for Furlandia. If you’re hitting that con, then be sure to come by and say hi!

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