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tricks to get work done
pentacles, magic

I’d spent the morning doing a color comp for Myriad Song that involved some working out of heavy effects. I was tired and a little drained after pushing on that for a couple hours. Nick had cancelled his usual Tuesday visit; I ended up just lying around feeling sluggish for a while. I was thinking of just calling it a day and going to bed, but I knew I pretty much had to get the rough done for the next page of Rita if I was to have any hope of getting it uploaded before the end of tomorrow. I just couldn’t drag myself out of the beanbag to draw, though.

Then I said “fuck it”, got up, and went to the regular cartoonist meetup at a nearby bar. One hour of drinking, talking, and drawing later, I had my rough. So I get to go to bed feeling absolutely guiltless. Yay!

I would really love it if I could get more than three hours of solid work out of myself on an average day, though. Fff.

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