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There's "The Who's Tommy: Pinball Wizard" made by Data East (1994) but it's a pretty straightforward licensed game and not as interesting or challenging as what you're proposing. There's a gameplay video on YouTube.

(It's apparently based on the musical.)

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One of those might be the perfect pinball machine to hack into this! n.n

I'd actually suggest a virtual pinball game with both haptic and aural indicators, using goggles with headphones so that you could simply blank the screen -- or darken the field, but cause the ball to glow softly and thus illuminate only what's right next to it.

I was gonna say something about this but Ultraken beat me to it! BTW, next time you're in town Peg, I need to show you the 'Krewe of the Silverball', an arcade club/hackerspace that me and some friends have organized here in NOLA...

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