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project idea I’ll never do
pentacles, magic

Pinball Wizard pinball machine. With some way to sense the position of the ball, and little motors to vibrate this into your fingers. Bonus: LCD glass that can be blacked out, while all non-mechanical sound ceases.

Who wants to make this? I can't. But it would be awesome!

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There's "The Who's Tommy: Pinball Wizard" made by Data East (1994) but it's a pretty straightforward licensed game and not as interesting or challenging as what you're proposing. There's a gameplay video on YouTube.

(It's apparently based on the musical.)

Edited at 2013-08-30 05:46 pm (UTC)

One of those might be the perfect pinball machine to hack into this! n.n

I'd actually suggest a virtual pinball game with both haptic and aural indicators, using goggles with headphones so that you could simply blank the screen -- or darken the field, but cause the ball to glow softly and thus illuminate only what's right next to it.

I was gonna say something about this but Ultraken beat me to it! BTW, next time you're in town Peg, I need to show you the 'Krewe of the Silverball', an arcade club/hackerspace that me and some friends have organized here in NOLA...

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