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Yikes, that's quite a list. O_O I admit I would be tempted if it were just a matter of buying Skyrim and installing one mod, but getting all of that to play nicely together ... whoof. I will game vicariously through you instead. *^_^*

I found a lovely series of YouTube guides on modding Skyrim for the rank beginner He goes slowly, step by step, so even someone like me doesn't get lost or overwhelmed.

He recommends and shows how to install, among others, SKSE, SkyUI, and the "unofficial" series of patches, Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Well, I had problems with all but the Unofficial Skyrim patch. SKSE and SkyUI installed fine and ran just fine, but I kept getting interrupted by messages saying SKSE was *not* installed and SkyUI could not run without it - even though it did.

Each of Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn had the same trouble: Upon attempting to launch the game, the Bethesda icon screen shows up, the game just *starts* to launch, and *bloop*, back to the desktop.

On the other hand, I did find a key-binding mod that allows me to assign movement and other functions to the numeric keypad (which Bethesda bluntly stated was impossible), so now I can actually play the game instead of constantly cursing at the interface.

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To run SKSE - and anything that depends on it - you do NOT launch Skyrim via your normal methods. SKSE will install another .exe in the Skyrim directory; you run that to run Skyrim now. Looking at my Windows partition, it looks like the appropriate .exe is 'skse_loader.exe'.

You shouldn't install the Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Dragonborn 'unofficial' patches if you haven't bought and installed those bits of DLC.

There are some mods out there that come in multiple versions for plain Skyrim/Skyrim with the various DLC; pick the one that matches whatever DLC you may have.

Good luck!

That isn't the impression I got from everything I'd read regarding SKSE. Maybe I missed it, but it seems an important point to not mention - or for me to have overlooked.

I paid only $7 or so for Skyrim, so I'm not likely to pay $20 or more for the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or Dragonborn extensions. The game is overwhelming enough as it is.

Incidentally, the other mod I installed has Fluttershy's image on the coin, so I see it every time I loot some gold. Cute ponies rule!

Yeah, the whole "now you run a different executable" thing with SKSE is easy to overlook. It's possible to set things up so that you launch it from Steam as normal, googling for "SKSE steam" should tell you how. That should open up a LOT of crazy mods to you.

Actually, it was your description of some of the kinkier mods that got me to take another look at Skyrim. My first impression was far from positive, but I am now addicted.

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