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Not really on topic, per se, but it's fascinating to me that our musical tastes seem to intersect when I least expect it. Squarepusher's not a favorite of mine, but I did recently check out his work and find it highly listenable. :D

dunno your progress on this to date... but some people see the swords card represented as birds. And well you can associate other words in this context..a sword is also like a pen.. being like a beak, is an..intellectual point? Possibly flight, airs, manner of grace, also a coolness of mind, mental strength...??
as you were struggling particularly with the swords concept...what you reckon of these suggestions, any help?

I've decided that Swords will remain swords - I tackled the very un-me concept of 'the Final Judgement' head-on, I can stick with standard symbols for the suits! But a pile of associations is quite helpful.

I'm still marshalling my thoughts on the suits. I need to visit the library and see if there's any useful reference, and swap enough into my head to juggle around. I've got a handful of doodles that have random numbers of Pentacles in them, but no idea how they relate to the usual loadings.

Research. gotta research.

I've been researching this topic a while and looking right into all the symbolism in the cards... but of cause it's personal how you interpret..still I do belive there is the universal language of ..poetry :]

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