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pentacles, magic
I printed out that Illustrator pair of wings at the proper size and cut them out with an x-acto knife the other day, then got Rik to have at me with these stencils and a Prismacolor tonight.

They're a little high; we'll have to try again later once they wash off. Still, I am thinking that they don't really look 'broken' with my arms down as people (including myself) were worrying. A second test with the same basic shape will let me know for sure. Then I get to start researching how much it'll cost. o.O;

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Wow, actually yes, those do seem to work remarkably well.

OMG that design is awesome.

Wow not bad at all. I think my greatest concern might bet to ensure the wingspan doesn't travel quite so far down the arm (especially on the left arm where it seems to come very close to the elbow) just so a simple t-shirt could adequately cover it. . . but then again I'm insanely shy like that, haha.

Hah! I want it to go down to the elbow. If I want to cover up I can wear a long-sleeved blouse.

During summer I tend to go around in camisoles, so pretty much only the tail would be hidden.

My only tat so far is too easily covered by a tshirt. I thought that would be best, but it sometimes makes me sad that people can't tell I'm inked. When I have the money and the guts, I'm getting a full sleeve for my left arm, including the back of the hand. Arm muscles! I've henna'd it a few times and always get depressed when it fades. D=

That said, though, the photos look great! I even like the way they bend when you have your arms raised!

Sweet! I actually like how they move with your arms. There's a lot of visual interest there; I like that a lot better than regular back-wing tats that don't move.

It's very pretty. But I have a tattoo phobia so I'm totally creeped out.

Really? I wouldn't have guessed!

There's a certain line somewhere in my mind between "markings" and "tattoos". In true 'phobia' style, it's a very irrational fear. I'm also afraid of certain types of graphitti.

Damn that is going to be an awesome tattoo. Beautiful and original.

I just have a little wrist tattoo. Now I want more ink. Tattoo jealousy. XD

Aces. If I saw someone with that tattoo (especially a hotter'n hell nuclear-haired goddess such as yourself) I'd have to stop them and ask if we had friends in common.

Those are pretty awesome. :) DO IT!

That does seem to work remarkably well, kind of like they settle on your shoulders and arms like a shawl when not 'in flight'. Good deal.

If this were a survey I would choose "strongly agree". The design works, arms up or down—count me among those who were slightly skeptical although I think I probably didn't weigh in on it. I can't remember! I like it though.

I totally take back my earlier trepidation. I think they look really cool. In fact, I like that they're generally 'folded,' and then, when you choose, they 'unfurl.' And of course the design is really keen as well. I think more people should do what you did to see if they're idea is really workable for a tattoo.

As I understand it, a lot of tattoo artists will get it on the body with carbon paper, and then check on position for that - but I dunno what the usual procedure for big weird pieces like this is!

The ideal procedure would involve time-looping myself by about an hour and doing it in marker, but...

Or using portal technology sandwiched between two close walls...

Or inventing a robotic waldo arm that can duplicate your hand movements precisely on your back as you use a stylus on a holographic body tablet...

Both of which have endless potential for other fun once they exist! (as does the time-looping as well--who /wouldn't/ want to sleep with themselves, even just once?)

That's slick. I like how they move with your arms.

Hottttt. Nothing but support from here.

Totally seconding that they don't "break" like I was worried they would when your arms are down. Though I'd be interested in seeing them just a little lower. Make sure you take these pics in to your tattoo artist!

first -- they look good. I'd go with that.

And second, since no one says that and I have to keep up appearances -- I see your boobies D:!

Yeah, I am kinda amused by the lack of 'tits!' comments. I guess everyone's a lot more interested in the HUGE BLACK WINGS than, you know, tits. Tits are everywhere!

And now, an important message from the Boobie Council of America: Boobies!

That looks really awesome. I'd also say go for it. :)

Also; neeple!

I really like how the curve around your shoulders like that, it seems realistic to me, its a beautiful design though <3

The superlatives.. they flow! The design... is so good! And the canvas also is beautiful. :3

I think myself, maybe I would work on the tail some more, to match it with the intricacy of the wings. But it can also work as it is.

I'm going to change the tail a little but it'll stay simple; it's punctuation to the wings, not a second verse.

And the canvas also is beautiful.

Awww, thanks!

So, were you happy with the way they folded? I think it's a good idea. If I ever get a tat, however, it'll be a small musical note on my neck.

I think I have those socks in the top drawer on the right. ^^

The art looks glorious, as do you. I think the two will go quite well together indeed.

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