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the scandalous spider queen
pentacles, magic
Another one from the "rework obscure heroes who have fallen into the public domain" section of Warren Ellis' board.

Sharon Kane is the sworn enemy of all criminals. Her specially designed bracelets eject spider webbing. Her boyfriend is a detective named Mike O'Bell.
- that's it, three sentences.

I kept the "Spider-Man ripoff" nature of the concept (note that the color scheme is even red/blue!) but gave her some cyber arms, and decided to proceed on the assumption that the world is ready for an attempt at a trans superheroine who will seem embarrassingly earnest in fifteen years when we look back and roll our eyes at the fact that her name just has to include a clumsy recognition of her gender status the way all the non-honky heroes of the seventies were "The Black Noun" or suchlike.

I'd like to think that her gender issues aren't the central narrative of the out-of-costume parts of the book but it'd probably depend on who you got to write it.

Also, earlier abandoned rough.

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The web spinners should be on the ends of her heels.

Real spiders have spinnerets on their butt.

However, I vote that she was taking an experimental RADIOACTIVE ESTROGEN to try to aid her transition, but somehow, a spider's DNA got mixed into the concoction and she sprouted extra legs, a voracious appetite for blood, and her penis, gaffed backwards beneath her changed, the semen becoming a thick ropey substance that can be sprayed great distances via a small opening in her suit. Oh um.. If that's gross... Consider the bondage scenes she could do with it.

Gee wizz, I wish mine did that!

Oh, how wonderful. :) A few of my favourite things!

I am just waiting for you to become the Next Big Thing. I really am.

In fact, I wonder how well you'd do in font design. You have this great balance between retro and future that I'd think was really in demand these days.

The lettering is just a couple fonts I had lying around on my computer - Psiphoon BB and OPTICashew Bold. I so do not have the obsessive dedication required for making fonts!

And yeah, being the next big thing? Kinda working on it, I guess.

Well, I knew that that font wasn't yours, but I was interpolating or something your style and details onto a possible font and thinking that you'd do cool ones. :"D

When you're the next big thing, can I pretend to know you? :"D

That's pretty darned cool :)

So are the extra arms part of her costume?

Yeah. Kinda like Doctor Octopus without the nuclear accident that fused them onto him forever.

I had every issue of The Black Noun! The arc where he fights the Green Verb are the best.

Green Verb - he was that Irish villain, right?

Vaguely reminds me of a t* Champions character I did ages ago.. Before _I_ transitioned. O_O I've thought about making some kind of graphic novel of her a few times. It was a pretty decent character concept and story (even 15 years later, it seems reasonably solid.. Not like a lot of the embarrassing stuff I wrote back then.)

If this makes you wanna pick that idea up again, have fun - I've got more than enough stuff sitting around right now, including my own crypto-trans-narrative projects!

Probably better than the embarrassing stuff I've come up with for my heroes. Seriously. I mean, in twelve-word summaries:

SnoQiti: Trans-dimensional soul transplant into catgirl, decides it's a better deal after all.
Jerrem: Magical soul transfer into kinky vulpine flesh golem, never stops hating it.
Disco: Pre-transition kid who got lucky when superpower eruption imparted the right body.
Sonjun: One of a long line of shapeshifters, with an embarrassing genetic defect.
Keet: Space alien confused about human sexes mixes favourite traits, becomes mind-bending hero!

You get twelve words. Make me feel stupid. *grin*

decided to proceed on the assumption that the world is ready for an attempt at a trans superheroine

I sure as hell hope so. I ended up with how many in City of Heroes? Three unwilling, two willing trannies?

I keep imagining that Spider Queen's big arch-nemesis would try to blackmail the hell out of her ("Come to my dreadful mechanised lair or I'll tell the world your secret!") and she just shrugs and says, "Screw you, I'll tell the world myself; they need heroes so badly they dare not bitch!" And then, you know, it ceases to be a real issue, save for the occasional moron who tries to make a deal of it and everyone's like, "Look, she saved the goddamn Earth from mutant alien brain-suckers, she gets whatever pronoun she wants, okay?"

*shifty-eyed* Okay, yeah, would never happen.

I'd guess she wears a cup like you'd assume most dick-bearing heroes probably do, since nobody ever draws loving detail of their schlongs through their spandex.

The way I drew her there's definitely a bulge there, but who knows how closely people would actually look?

The way I drew her there's definitely a bulge there, but who knows how closely people would actually look?

Honestly, they might just figure it was an oddity of the costume... or that's what they'd tell themselves because, as noted, she saved the goddamn Earth. *grin*

Until the sympathetic-but-hamfisted storyline written by a cis writer with no trans friends to act as consultants where she comes out to Make A Point About Transpeople Being People Too!. know, I kinda think I like the idea of getting it out of the way in issue #5 or something where a baddie REVEALS HER SECRET and most people just kinda go "whatever, she just singlehandedly saved the world, I don't care if she has a dick". The occasional criminal might aggressively pronoun her and get an extra-hard punch (or a sigh and a mouthful of webbing).

T'hell. I mean, really. Why do we need to hear about her detective boyfriend as a capper. It's not enough that she's a masterful crime fighting spider lady, but she's doing a detective!

Teal deer-
I like your version better.

Someone in the thread dug up more information but yeah, all there was officially to go on were those three sentences and a scan of a lady in a terribly generic caped crusader getup.

Apparently she mostly did the detective to seduce inside info on BREAKING CRIME out of him.

What font is the words Spider Queen made of?

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