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guitar wizard
hiroshima (howarth)

Inspired by these crazy-awesome fliers. Artists! If you make a Sam Davis flier (preferably B&W) and mail me a printable-res file I will print them out and stick 'em up around where I found the originals! His fliers made me laugh my head off in delight, I want to return the favor.

I've got a stack of ten of these, sitting here on my desk, waiting for us to find a stapler...

Because, really: you spend some time making creative, weird fliers to get people interested in your guitar lessons, and then suddenly you start seeing weird fliers you didn't make pop up. Advertising your services in exactly the same zany way. Is it creepy or delightful or some of both?

(8.5x11, gotta include his real phone number in the tear-off tags, nothing raunchy as I don't wanna get him in trouble, okay?)
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Plastic Bunny Girls from Space

I do miss Jini.


But can they defeat the four-armed glam-rock beetle queens from the laserdrome? XD

Your poster is awesome. His posters are pretty darn good too. ;)

Man, it makes me want to learn guitar all over again.

"and then suddenly you start seeing weird fliers you didn't make pop up."

Absolutely the best sort of prank EVER.

Echo-reinforce this. Harmlessly making the universe more weird and more awesome.

This rocks in a lot of really. Awesome. Ways. n.n

Whee! It's highly cool!

...and captures the spirit of the originals, too! :)

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