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My studio kinda looks like an explosion happened in it. In a good way - I spent several hours today hunched over the drawing board instead of over the computer, putting together a rough suggestion for the packaging for my Tarot deck.

Then after that I was still in the mood to draw kinda big. So I pulled out this big sketchbook I'd started a little while back with some big, messy drawings of Batman, done mostly with the blunt end of a Prismacolor.

After drawing those I'd pondered "well, what kind of story would I want to do if I did a Batman story?" and decided that it should involve lots of Harley Quinn because she's fun to draw, then come up with a vague excuse for her to be working with Batman instead of against him: she thinks the Joker's current plot will end up backfiring and killing the Joker, so teams up to save him from himself. Looking at a different side of a not-quite-triangle than usual, you know? Having this hanging around in my head when I re-opened this sketchbook resulted in me distilling down my own versions of Harley and the Joker. The whole thing just kinda looks like fashion illustration - my favorite versions of all of them are long-legged and attentuated.

(sorry about the shitty cell-phone photos, I don't have the scanner set up just yet and these are big and sloppy anyway.)

I will probably never draw this, though Nick looked at my drawings and listened to my ideas on how to handle the characters and said he'd kinda like to write them. Dealing with their costumes was interesting; I played with different things and really asked myself what they need to have to do what they do. Ultimately the only thing I really did was to put a few more layers on Harley to help her survive a chilly Gotham night; I kept the outfits pretty standard for Batman and the Joker. I'd probably shift Bat's palette from the usual grey-blue-black with a yellow accent to black/purple with a yellow accent, to make him fit my vision of him as basically an American ninja in a vampire costume. (And shifting Harley from black/red/white to purple/green/something might create some interesting color narratives with the green/purple/orange the Joker would probably end up with. Dunno. Timm's design for her costume is so striking and succinct it's hard to improve on.)
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