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pentacles, magic

1325 new words, 2960 so far.

I’m done with chapter 1. It’s nice to see something that I’ve been carrying around in my head for about a third of my life finally coming out on paper.

It’s also interesting to be doing something I know will be a comic as entirely words for now. As I got near the end of this chapter, I had a thought about how to manipulate the sloppiness of the art to hint at the protagonist’s mental state, and how to start to foreshadow the blackouts that will be important later on, so I went back and added a few words to the appropriate panels. After a year and a half of doing Rita as a headlong fall towards the ending, this feels like an incredible luxury, and I’m sure it will feel even more like one when I realize something I write near the end of the story needs to have seeds planted through the whole thing.

I’m still sort of following the same plan I have for Rita; I have an overall structure planned out, and I’m pretty much just writing from the beginning until I reach the end. I’ve got a few fragments planned out in more detail. We’ll see how this all comes together at the end of the month.

Meanwhile I spent most of yesterday waiting around the house for volume 1 of Rita to be delivered. It did not show up, so I called the shipping company. Hopefully it will show up today, though this time I was scheduled for somewhere between 10 and 2, and, well, it’s pretty close to 2 now. I should call them and check, because I’d kinda like to take a shower but I don’t want to miss the delivery if it does show up in the next half hour or so! I want a receptionist.

Guess I’ll work on converting the next page of Rita from a sketch into a drawing. Seven panels, including setting a couple of new scenes. This thing is so complicated. But worth it!

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