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pentacles, magic

7350 words, now. I haven’t made up for writing none Monday, but I’ve at least made up the slight deficit in only writing like 800 words yesterday. Is there a place where writers can apologize to their characters for the horrible things they do to them? Because I think I just had some of the seemingly “nice” elves rape my protaganist, then wipe that out of her mind and make her agree to what they wanted her to do. Ugh. It’s only implied, but ugh.

I am definitely going to have to split my time drawing this story with something lighter (like Absinthe!), as it goes to some pretty dark places.

I’ve transferred most of the remainder of the useful notes from my deck of index cards into Scrivener. Chapter 2 is entirely scripted in rough form, and chapter 3 is starting to take place.

Also while working on some of the initial dialogue fragments for chapter 3, I hit up Wikipedia for some reference. They’re running a donation drive, and I was like, oh why not, I use it so damn much, so I gave ‘em $10.

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