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a lesson for future shipping endeavors
pentacles, magic

When drawing stuff in books, separate them into piles based on reward tiers when you draw them, rather than going through them and separating them when you’re filling envelopes. Durh.

I now have a box that is 1/3 empty of books. It used to be full of books. And a pile of envelopes that I’ll take out tomorrow. See, when I got up this morning, I was like “oh god it is a fucking mess in here I need to PUT SOME STUFF AWAY”. So I filed a few loose sketchbooks. And then I realized that no small part of the clutter was all the mailing envelopes and books that need to go out, so I started putting labels on envelopes and putting books in them. In my bathrobe, with Ministry blaring.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a pile of books to the post office. It depends on what the weather’s like.

other lessons learnt: next time, make the mid-level backer rewards stuff that are the same size as the book, or smaller, so I don’t have to worry about putting ’em into bigger envelopes. Still gotta go get some paper to print all those prints out on, too.

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So how many of those parcels will be stuffed with a Tarot set as well as the book? :D

Be nice if you made extra from selling 'em that way too.

I think like 3 or 4? Those are gonna go out in different packaging because the deck's pretty bulky. I'm making about as much on adding a deck as I normally do when selling it at a con.

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