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extra bonus con winnage
pentacles, magic

Things that happened around the Dead Dog dance:

- I arrived near the end of the closing ceremonies. I ended up having the concom recognize my contribution to the con in the form of art, and got a second lunchbox with my art on it in thanks.

- Inaki came up and asked me if he could use me for practice: he wants to start making latex/rubber costumes, and wondered if I’d like a Rita costume. My response was yes! I’ll have to lose those twenty pounds and start running, so I’ll be ready to zip around at high speed whenever possible – its just not Rita if I walk everywhere!

- I danced for like 3 of the 4 hours the dance ran. It would have been a bit more but halfway through I trekked across the convention center to change my dress, as it was just too damn warm for all that exertion. I came back wearing nothing but a black slip that’s slit all the way up the sides, with bands of lace keeping it together around all that bare skin, and some tape to keep my junk from ruining the line of the dress.

- On my way back from the end of the dance, I was stopped by a fursuiter who wanted to have his photograph taken with me. A red gryphon, if anyone knows who it was I’d love to get the photos. He had a leash dangling, and you can bet I picked it up and posed all dominantly! Despite the fact that the tape on my loins was coming off, and at any second would let go, letting my junk flop out and make an obvious bulge in my dress. Not that anyone would really care at a furry con, but still. I have an image to maintain, and would prefer to only have my dick be visible in my dress when I WANT it to.

I was tempted to take the gryphon home – after all, I already had his leash – but I’m just too damn tired to flirt right now.

This con is over. And it was a damn fine con. I’ll sleep until I wake up tomorrow, then pack, maybe ship my half-full box of books, maybe fill it with some of my other table stuff and stick it on the plane, I really don’t know. Hmm. Or maybe I’ll go buy a new rolling suitcase and fill it with my second pile of table stuff, as the pull-out handle on the one I brought got jammed in place on the plane – good thing I had a little folding cart in there to haul crap to the table!


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I've wanted to make a fluffy-critter suit for a while so when he's ready to take commissions for such things, I'd be interested to know!

(Deleted comment)
My critter has no body hair! And the skin is described as 'smooth and slightly-shiny.' So a latex suit is the perfect choice for it.

I'd post a link to pictures but I bet Egypt's spam filter will eat it as it always does, but we can take this to email (fluffy at beesbuzz dot biz).

How much would this sort of thing end up costing?

Yep! As the VOICE OF WISDOM even. Or something.

I saw you once or twice. Need to stop being too shy to actually say hi. >_

If you were working then "too busy" makes a damn fine excuse, I know I barely knew who was there!

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