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an observation from ECCC
pentacles, magic

I think I have seen approximately five women dressed as Doctor Who for every one guy I’ve seen as Doctor Who at ECCC.

Also I really really wish more cute guys would wear skintight outfits. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I definitely like seeing ladies going around wearing form-fitting lycra, but I want some beefcake to go with my cheesecake. Instead all the dudes in costumes are either in robey things, or in armor.

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Were I there, I would of course agree with you. Have you run into Ant yet?

No! I can't find where he said he was at and te show is HYOOOOOOOOOGE.

Yay thanks! I was skimming through his tweets at the con looking for table info and could not find that.

Did you say "Hi" to the centaur cosplayers out front? ;D

I din't think they were there when I was going in!

I completely agree. The problem is not too many women in skimpy outfits, but too few men. ;)

EXACTLY. I am an equal opportunity ogler and I am seriously lacking in cute boy butt this con!

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