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hooray for progress
pentacles, magic

Today, I woke up from a strange dream of… a hyper-accelerated history lesson that covered a few hundred years, I think. It fell out very quickly. But it left me very definitely awake, enough so that I only slouched in bed with the iPad for about an hour. I almost got out within minutes of waking up, but laziness won out.

When I got up, on a whim I started a program I’d bought a couple days ago: Freedom, a little tool that disables your Internet for an amount of time you choose. You can only get around it by rebooting. Or I guess by doing some obscure shell stuff but I’m not about to try that. I set it for three hours, then had a shower and breakfast. I then went out to a cafe – deliberately leaving my phone behind – and worked on the next page of Rita for a while. I polished the dialogue, then drew the first panel. I don’t think I’ll have a page up tomorrow, but there will pretty definitely be one up this week – and that will end the current chapter, at long last! Not being able to pootle around on the net definitely made it easier to get into the groove. I may try making a habit of this.

While I was working on that a heavily-tattooed kid came up to me and asked if I’d be interested in doing some 2d animation for an indy game he’s working on. I said “the answer will probably be no, but send me the pitch and I’ll see if it feels like something I need to spend a few months on.”

Once I was done with that first panel, I wanted a break. So I went on back towards home. I stopped for a couple slices of pizza for lunch, pulled out my computer to amuse myself by skimming over all my current notes for Rita, and ended up adding a lot of stuff to the timeline. It sketches out about ninety years before the time of the story; I might include it in the afterword to the final book. Even if I don’t, it got me thinking about important past events that I need to be sure to drop offhand references to somewhere in the rest of the story.

I came home just in time for the mailman to hand me a copy of Rebecca Dart’s “Rabbit Head“, which is one of the few other comics I know of that really explores what you can do in parallel narratives. I got reminded of it recently, and decided to replace the copy I lost in Katrina.

I also finally called the transit lost and found, two weeks after losing my hat on the bus. It looks like they have it; I’m tempted to go get it NOW, but then I’ll be late for aikido tonight. Which I really don’t want to miss after blowing off both classes last week because of post-con fatigue. Tomorrow, then.

I still need to go out anyway to pick up a prescription refill that I forgot about on my way back home. But that’s just a couple blocks walk.

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