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quite a weekend
pentacles, magic

Friday: Nick came over. I greeted him at the door in lots of form-fitting clothing and an inflatable ball-hood. You can pretty much imagine what happened next. We went out to dinner afterwards.

Saturday: I was awakened by a knock at the door – UPS was delivering my new Mac earlier than expected! Transferring my data to it was more hassle than I expected it to be; it didn’t want to pull it off of my backup drive for some reason, and going from the old computer via wi-fi was taking insane amounts of time. Like estimates of five days. I hustled off to the local Apple Store while Nick stayed in bed, and came home with a couple of adaptors that would let me move my data over Ethernet.

We went to pick up the Zipcar we’d arranged for, then drove down to Columbia City for the closing sale of Tasty Tiger, a spandex-oriented clothing store run by some acquaintances. I spent… maybe a bit more than I should have. But now I have some cool stretchy clothes, many of which can even be worn in normal life. In our hustle to get out before the zipcar rental expired, I accidentally left my wallet behind. I only discovered this after the car was dropped off and Nick was on the bus back to his home, of course; I called them, and it should be getting to me soon. Hopefully before the few bits of food I have in the apartment all get eaten.

The lack of a wallet meant I blew off a party I was thinking of going to, so I mostly just poked at the data transfer. Finally, near bedtime, I tried doing the Ethernet transfer again, after first making sure that both machines had their wi-fi off; I was much cheered when I saw it giving me estimates around 4 hours instead of 150.

When I woke up, almost everything was transferred. It didn’t properly transfer my directory full of graphics apps, annoyingly, so I had to manually drag those over. And Indesign seems to have been mortally wounded, so I’ll have to reinstall it. Everything else seems cool, though – all my documents are there, everything runs as expected. In a few days I’ll flush the old machine and pass it on.

I was hoping to spend more time chilling and getting ahead on Rita, but really I had a pretty damn good weekend and I’m fine with that.

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