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video game wishes
pentacles, magic

I just had a thought.

I want to see an open-world video game that lets you get, and use, mountain-climbing gear. It’d be awesome for sneaky playstyles like I tend to use: oh, to do this quest I have to get into the top of an impenetrable mountaintop tower, with its entire approach well-guarded? No problem. I’ll just slowly crawl up this vertical cliff-face. Including the parts where there’s an overhang. And keep going up the back side of the tower, while I’m at it. Slip into the top window, steal the magic ring/assassinate the target/whatever, and slip out as silently as I came.

While I’m wishing, I really want the ability to do more edificeering in games in general. And not in the “hold a button and move the stick” way the Assassin’s Creed games do it.

(Also I should install this skyrim mod as it adds rope arrows. And other cool arrows inspired by “Thief” that I kept on wanting when doing a sneaky playthrough.)

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