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skyrim mod list
pentacles, magic

So I just had a very pleasant brunch with a friend (hopefully I didn’t natter on about myself and my projects TOO much). Near the end he mentioned that he really enjoyed my post about Naughty Skyrim and kinda wanted to get together a gaming PC to do it on.

And I was all, man, you don’t need that. Just use Bootcamp.

I have a 33.5g partition on my Mac’s drive full of Windows 8 and Skyrim and mods. And I mean full – it’s at the point where I can’t install any more mods because I’m out of space. I’d recommend like a 40g partition if you were doing it from scratch. And maybe Win7 instead of 8, honestly I dunno which one takes up more disc space but I imagine it’s probably the newer one.

My copy of Skyrim was like $7 on Steam, so of course I have Steam on there too.

And then be prepared to spend a couple of days getting all the mods in and working. Here’s a rough install order for what I had:NMM, the Nexus Mod Manager. As the name suggests this manages your mods for you; some of them can be many, many files and dealing with disabling them if they’re too unstable is a bitch. You might prefer Mod Organizer, it sounds like it may work a bit better, but I only found out about it after I was like two dozen mods into this thing.

SKSE, the Skyrim Script Extender. Pretty much everything interesting in Skyrim depends on this.

SkyUI, a new mouse-based UI for Skyrim. Personally I wasn’t too bothered by the console-friendly UI, but a lot of this crazy stuff is controlled by panels they install in this.

FNIS, which is a framework for adding extra animations to Skyrim. There’s a program included that you have to run every time you add new animations.

While you’re tarting up the UI you probably want to add RaceMenu and maybe some plugins for extra tattoos and whatnot and the CharGen Extension.

You’ll also want BodySlide, which is an external utility for managing alternate body meshes and is kind of a royal pain in the ass to figure out how to use.

And then things can start getting naughty.

I’m not going to go into detail on the rest; instead, I’m just going to paste in the dependency tree I slowly built up.


* downloaded
? optional
> installed

Prostitution and player slavery mod (I never actually installed that one, but its requirements are basically what you need for any of the sex stuff)
    *> SexLab
    *> FNIS
    *> Fuz’Ro’Do
    * >ZAZ Animation Pack
    *> Sexlab Aroused
    * >Devious Devices Assets

* >Devious Devices Integration With Quests
    CBBE or UNP (these are different body models, and there’s a whole infrastructure for this – you’ll want BodySlide to be able to really use different body models. I used CBBE.)
    *> Zaz Animation Pack
    * SexLab 1.2+
    *> SexLab Aroused
        *?> Immersive Arousal Patch
    *> FNIS
    *> Devious Devices Assets

    >? Devious Devices for the Masses
    *> Captured Dreams
    *> Devious Regulations
    ? Sexlab Submit & Devious Devices
    * Angrim’s Apprentice
        ? Chronotrigger’s remodeled armor (nocturnal robe)
        *> Xaz Prison Ovehaul
        *> Fuz Ro Do’h
        * Succubus race (I never actually bothered with this one.)
        *> Sexlab Romance
        *> Sexlab Radiant Prostitution
        *> Sexlab Solutions

* >Lover’s Victim Dogs & Horses
    *>Lover’s Victim
            *> Sexlab Aroused

* >Spectator Crowds

* >SexLab Enchantress / Beast Tamer
(note: there’s a switch in the general Sexlab controls that controls whether or not you can actually have sex with anything besides a player race. This mod will be useless if you don’t turn that on.)

* Murder, Theft & Seduction

* >Sexlab Submit

* Defeat

* Sexlab Werewolves

* Sexlab Nude Creatures
    * >Bestiality Animations
    * Bestiality Extras
        ? Immersive Bodies (Dragon Male and Male Horse)
        ? Horny Dogs of Skyrim
    I never got around to installing those two additions.

* Estrus Charus
    *> SKSE
    *> SkyUI
    * Estrus for Skyrim
        *> SKSE
        * FNIS
        *> SkyUI
        ? EDialogue
    * Xp32/XPMS skeleton
        * Realistic Ragdolls & Force
        ? Enhanced 3rd Person Camera

(I never did actually manage to get impregnated by a giant insect. I kinda gave up trying to get the Estrus Charurus mod working.)
    *> Actor events
    * SexLab
        *> SKSE
        * FNIS
        *> SkyUI
        * FNIS Creature Pack
    * FNIS
    * FNIS Creature Pack

    *? Pregnancy-weighted TBBB for Bodyslide
        *> CBBE body
        *> Bodyslide 2
        *> Bodyslide Outfits/Mods * 1 *4 ?5
        * Remodeled Armor for CBBE
        * XPMS Skeleton
    * Pregnant Weighted Armor
    ? Pregnant Weighted Armor Meshes
    (these two are packs that do the same thing)

* RaceMenu
    *> SKSE
    * CharGen Extension

* BBP Breast physics
    * barkeep clothing
    * chef outfit
    * prisoner clothes

*> SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim
    Because fucking dudes who never take off their underpants is just plain wrong.

Oh, and the “Live A Devious Life” mod, which in itself is a mod to the “Live Another Life” mod that lets you start somewhere besides on that damn wagon. LAL is centered around talking to a statue of Mara to choose your game; LADL adds a very hard-to-notice collar on the nearby table that you interact with to choose the “escaped sex slave” start at several difficulties.


Convenient Horses
    ? Blaze of Eventide
    Because after getting the Assassin horse in my previous playthrough I just wanted a COOL HORSE, this one is ON FIRE, it just doesn’t get any cooler than that unless maybe you are a brony and are riding around on whichever pony is best pony in your opinion.

Beast Race Beautiful, which vastly improves the look of the Argonians and Khajit.
Also a mod that relocates their tails to come out of the base of their spines instead of their assholes, and a mod that gives them proper digitigrade legs.

Pretty much all of these mods came off of either Nexus Mods or Lover’s Lab. I think it should be obvious which ones come from where for the most part.

Also if you actually care about making your game nice you might want to run down the list at Skyrim Gems. I think the only thing I added from that list are the Unofficial Patch, and one of the “roads on maps” mods. I really had no interest in adding the ability to actually freeze.

Originally published at Egypt Urnash. You can comment here or there.


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Yikes, that's quite a list. O_O I admit I would be tempted if it were just a matter of buying Skyrim and installing one mod, but getting all of that to play nicely together ... whoof. I will game vicariously through you instead. *^_^*

I found a lovely series of YouTube guides on modding Skyrim for the rank beginner He goes slowly, step by step, so even someone like me doesn't get lost or overwhelmed.

He recommends and shows how to install, among others, SKSE, SkyUI, and the "unofficial" series of patches, Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Well, I had problems with all but the Unofficial Skyrim patch. SKSE and SkyUI installed fine and ran just fine, but I kept getting interrupted by messages saying SKSE was *not* installed and SkyUI could not run without it - even though it did.

Each of Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn had the same trouble: Upon attempting to launch the game, the Bethesda icon screen shows up, the game just *starts* to launch, and *bloop*, back to the desktop.

On the other hand, I did find a key-binding mod that allows me to assign movement and other functions to the numeric keypad (which Bethesda bluntly stated was impossible), so now I can actually play the game instead of constantly cursing at the interface.

Edited at 2014-02-05 11:41 pm (UTC)

To run SKSE - and anything that depends on it - you do NOT launch Skyrim via your normal methods. SKSE will install another .exe in the Skyrim directory; you run that to run Skyrim now. Looking at my Windows partition, it looks like the appropriate .exe is 'skse_loader.exe'.

You shouldn't install the Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Dragonborn 'unofficial' patches if you haven't bought and installed those bits of DLC.

There are some mods out there that come in multiple versions for plain Skyrim/Skyrim with the various DLC; pick the one that matches whatever DLC you may have.

Good luck!

That isn't the impression I got from everything I'd read regarding SKSE. Maybe I missed it, but it seems an important point to not mention - or for me to have overlooked.

I paid only $7 or so for Skyrim, so I'm not likely to pay $20 or more for the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or Dragonborn extensions. The game is overwhelming enough as it is.

Incidentally, the other mod I installed has Fluttershy's image on the coin, so I see it every time I loot some gold. Cute ponies rule!

Yeah, the whole "now you run a different executable" thing with SKSE is easy to overlook. It's possible to set things up so that you launch it from Steam as normal, googling for "SKSE steam" should tell you how. That should open up a LOT of crazy mods to you.

Actually, it was your description of some of the kinkier mods that got me to take another look at Skyrim. My first impression was far from positive, but I am now addicted.

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