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I have a friend that draws a lot of porn. Today, she wanted to stretch a little after doing a bunch of Serious Work and posted to Tumblr asking for Interesting Kinks To Draw.

One of the requests she received was, and I quote: “Egypturnash’s Rita, in her dragon chassis, with a big fat cock and balls”. She decided not to draw it, because it felt like “a smut request” to her rather than just a random interesting kink. But she told me about it.

My feelings about this are pretty complicated. On the one hand, I know damn well that drawing porn of a thing, or causing porn of a thing to be drawn, is how the Internet expresses its love for that thing. Hell, I drew a picture of GLaDOS and SHODAN getting it on. It is a good thing that people care enough about my crazy comic to want to see this sort of thing. On the other hand, I’ve kind of developed a certain amount of respect for these characters; while I’ve implied that Rita’s got a healthy, and occasionally kinky, sex life – in all of her incarnations – I kinda feel like the bedroom is just not a place I want to put my camera.

On the gripping hand, my mostly-dormant smutmonger alias drew a porn of Rita having sex, with a couple hot-swappable genitals lying in arm’s reach, so it’s not like I can say “THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!1!”.

(And for the record: you want porn of Rita? Go for it. I’d love it if you linked to the comic in your image’s description… and I’m not entirely sure I want you to show it to me.)

Anyway. I’m back from Rose City Comic-Con and I just wanna have some solitary dinner and go to sleep.


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