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pentacles, magic

A nice cup of rabies

Rantings with occasional art.

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Happy Saturnalia, y’all!
pentacles, magic

Heres a slightly late Solstice/new years/etc card for all you lovely people with the discerning taste to follow my work. <3

Originally published at Egypt Urnash. You can comment here or there.

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And so say all of us. ^_^;

Even aside from the hideousness of the rise of the American Neo-Nazis, Brexit, and all manner of political hideousness, there was the loss of Bowie (though, at least that statue succeeded in its Kickstarter - I'll be making a point of seeing that when it's ready), and now, even George Michael. And WTH knows if Carrie Fisher is still really with us.. and then, tonight, I read of an old LJ friend having to say that final goodbye to their beloved bun, who'd proven to be incredibly resilient even in their twilight years.

At least 2016 did offer some exceptional highlights, on a personal front, notably having one of my photographs featured in a very well-trafficked exhibition, and more recently, finally beginning an exciting personal journey, of a kind you're familiar with. ^_^

Hah, good luck with that journey. It's a giant pain in the ass.

My main good thing in this year was "finally getting the Rita omnibus printed". Glad that's over.

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