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pentacles, magic

A nice cup of rabies

Rantings with occasional art.

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adulting is weird
pentacles, magic

For a long time I’ve been theoretically polygamous, but not actively – ever since I broke up with Rik and Nick, I’ve really just been sleeping with Nick. But recently I’ve started having naked funtime with another friend. I now have both an ex-with-benefits and a friend-with-benefits, and which is a lot of benefits for someone who used to think she would never have any kind of relationship!

Not too long after realizing this, I asked two questions: when’s the last time you got tested for STDs, and what’s the state of your marriage.

The first one is pretty obvious basic courtesy, really. If you’re gonna sleep around, keep yourself clean, you know? One of us should have probably asked it before we’d had our heads crammed between each others’ legs, but, well, these things happen.

The other one… I felt super adult for asking that. Because I’ve been in a position where I was flirting with someone who turned out to be in the middle of their main relationship getting wobbly. And the last thing I want is for “having fun in bed with a friend” to turn into “arguably being a component in a friend’s relationship failing” – I haven’t actually been that, but I’ve backed off from things that looked that way. That’s just totally the opposite of having a good time.

(For what it’s worth: their answers to both questions were fine by me. And so were theirs.)

Anyway. Happy New Year.

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Polyamory did not work out for me, but the one thing I really admired was the upfront honesty. Instead of sneaking and making up stories about where you were, just the truth about another person. That part is refreshing.

That's the best part! Not worrying about holding together a tapestry of lies. Just "hey I'm gonna go hang with Ori, we're probably gonna fuck, see you soon!".

Well maybe the higher number of cuddles and orgasms is the best part, i dunno.

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