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shit moves fast
pentacles, magic

This morning: woke up, went to farmer's market, hooked up with the gf at a cafe, hung out a few hours.

This evening: said goodbye to gf, looked at Twitter. Discovered that Trump's ban on anyone coming into the country from certain countries went into effect, massive numbers of people detained and turned away… and that a court in New York State put out a temporary stay on this decree. And that Washington State is gonna go to court over it.

All this in the span of one fucking day when I was enjoying being offline. Damn. This is a crazy fucking year and it's probably only gonna get crazier.

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I read that Trump is also pushing for faster adoption of biometric scanners at ports of entry. That'll be weird at the bridge where I drive into the states... If I'm even allowed in anymore by my next visit.

They have my fingerprints on file already thanks to my NEXUS card. That was a real delight. "We don't trust foriegners so we're going to process you for precrime."

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