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pentacles, magic

A nice cup of rabies

Rantings with occasional art.

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Some thoughts about the Pillow Pile sleeping mode.
pentacles, magic

For the past few weeks I've been sleeping in the living room, on the giant beanbag chair with a bunch of pillows. Big pillows, little pillows, pretty much every pillow that feels nice against my naked skin has migrated to this nest.

Some things I have noticed:

* I like kind of being in a bit of a trench, with pillows pressed against my front and back. It is very calming, and I suspect it may be activating some remnant of the human infant's swaddling reflex to help me chill out and fall asleep.

* I have a couple of soft sculpture tails. Both have migrated to the pile. Often I find myself wearing the dragon tail to bed; it's kind of cool to essentially have a long pillow attached to my butt. Said tail has a few curves in it, and I find it very comforting to coil it around one of my legs whenever possible. Again, body pressure feels good.

* I am finally understanding people who sleep while cuddling body pillows. I'm doing much the same. Except with multiple separate pillows instead of one big one.

* I need like two or three more normal-sized pillows and maybe a couple more little ones to really make this work.

* Arranging all these pillows can do very interesting things in terms of finding and releasing tension in my spine. Last night I felt like I was unwinding some muscles near the base that never relax. It is a fiddly process but it is very nice when I get everything arranged Just Right.

Anyway. Those are some things I contemplated last night while sleeping in my hoard of pillows, wearing a dragon tail, with a mound of doubloons next to the pillows.

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You know, maybe I'll pick up a couple more pillows when I place my ever-impending pillow order. I've been meaning to buy a couple more for a while, as the current ones have descended into being only fleetingly fluffy, mostly just a sort of feathery quasi-stodge rather than the stuff TV directors dream of.

Do you snuggle up to any plush? I've done so most of my life. ^_^ (Lately, a touch more carefully, given the newfound *ahem* sensitivity) The star of the show is a bunny I picked up at the Fremont Target sometime around 1997, accompanied by an utterly adorable Trudi red panda (in a sort of "being cradled" pose) from a little place outside Chicago a year or two earlier.

That said, the bigger issue I need to address is replacing the mattress, which - well, the polite phrase might be "has seen better days". I'm looking at a futon - much more my style. I loved being able to get up from one and nothing else moves.

Now I'm imagining a pillow-filled room, getting in and out being a bit like Dig-Dug, minus the risk of non-consensual inflation. Maybe it's a rabbit thing.

I have a couple plushies I cuddle sometimes. Depends on my mood and how I want to sleep.

My friend, who is my roommate now, sleeps on a lazy chair. Lazy something. LAZYBOY, thats it! Basically he uses a device to help him breath but what he has found was that sleeping upright in this char did more good than the machine, that he still uses in the chair.

For me I have always needed something like a pillow between my legs, atleast when I sleep on my side. A pillow fort though... Humm. Something for me to think about. When your a kid you just don' thave the money for pillows, but when your an adult, $100 in pillows goes a long way.

IIRC there were periods of time when sleeping sitting up was considered perfectly normal. I can see it helping with blocked airways!

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