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pentacles, magic

A nice cup of rabies

Rantings with occasional art.

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the dream of the abrupt ending
pentacles, magic

So I was in a dream, looking for a broomstick with which to combat this guy who keept trying to take stuff off my dinner plate with his fork, as you do in dreams, when I flipped the light switch a couple of times.

There was an electric BZOWNF sound and everything went dark. Not all at once, there was a very quick left to right transition of, like, an all-encompassing grid of bright blue-white wire frames of cubes popping in and being replaced by the dark room within which I was now floating, kind of lying on my side in the air.

“helff”, I muttered, through a mouth pressed into a weird shape, as I drifted.

And then I was wide awake. Lying in the pillow pile in the same position I'd been lying in in the abruptly terminated dream, with my mouth mushed into the pillow.

7:17, the tablet said when I picked it up to write this. And now it's a few minutes later, and my alarm is about to go off, because I need to get up and get ready for the third day of Emerald City Comic-Con.

What the fuck. My brain just did a “turned off the holodeck” transition and threw me out of dreaming into full awareness. Good morning.

I can usually will myself to wake up at a certain time, if I do it when I go to sleep and am getting enough sleep between then and my intended wake time. But I didn't do that last night. I just set a few alarms. And I've never had a dream end that decisively and abruptly. What the hell, brain.

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One can only wonder whether your dreams are more directed by Christopher Nolan or Shane Carruth. ^_^ (Huh! Just checked on IMDb, and SC's recently been directing "The Girlfriend Experience" for TV for Starz, on the life of a NYC call girl. Bit of a change from Upstream Color and Primer!)

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