December 15th, 2009

pentacles, magic

gadget lust

So yeah. I've been wanting to get a smartfloam for a while, ever since the iPhone came out, but the damn "exclusivity" crap endemic to the celfloam market means signing a 2-year contract to pay really high rates for the privilege of having an iPhone - normally I'll defend Apple's hardware pricing, but the numbers I see estimated for what AT&T pays per phone versus the estimated hardware cost is pretty crazy.

But there are some pretty interesting rumors going around about a Google-branded Android phone being sold direct to customers, unlocked. Especially when you couple that with suggestions of full VOIP integration. No convoluted "minutes" schemes = happiness.

Getting music onto it from iTunes will of course be a pain in the butt but I've really gotten out of the Portable Music habit. If these rumors are true I think I'm finally getting a smartfloam next year... I miss having GPS in my pocket so much.

I just hope they throw together an iSync conduit for it by release, that'd be delightful. I'll probably have to do some runaround involving synching address book and calendar data to Google, though.
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