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Alright, here's the deal. I caught the "Draw Your Interests" meme from slinky_treecat and berbalang.

Respond to this post and I'll pick two things from your LJ interests, and draw something to tickle them. No, you don't get to pick. I get to pick.

If you respond, you have to pick up the torch and do this in your LJ too. I dunno what you have to do if you're a non-artist. Come up with a clever variant, or make yourself draw anyway! Write haiku or something!

[ note: probably doing the actual drawing tonight, we have errands to run. ]
[ nb. did the first batch. it's still open, folks. we're actually going to do some of those errands now that it's "warmed up" to 30°, I'll putter around with more of these tonight! ]
[ second and third batch done. yes, still open. and I'm gonna make all of you reciprocate. ]
[ fourth pile done. i think i'm done for a bit, this is really more a weekend than weekday thing for me. reply if you like but it'll wait until i have 4-6 built up! ]

uniformvixen snakes/procrastination
rayjaysuyin fluorescence/polyamory
kinkyturtle switch play/unnaturally colored hair
ladyperegrine monster girls/tentacles/sucking cock/surrealism
packbat animal head people/rain
momentrabbit (color version) mooncats/open minds
normanrafferty tim powers/edward gorey
xydexx raccoons/tentacles
perlandria animal head people/dead cartoonists
kevinpease body paint/power exchange (hottt, with three t's)
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