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pentacles, magic

A nice cup of rabies

Rantings with occasional art.

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pentacles, magic


"Mom? Is this really my great-aunt Patience?"

Thanks to prickvixen and circuit_four for helpful commentary. Also see an alternate version...

Methods partially inspired by John K's recent dissections of Yogi Bear background methodology. No, really.

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This is beautiful. Please upload it to FA twice, so I may represent it on my +faves page more than once.

I'm looking at this via remote, so I can't speak as to the shinyness of it (at 256 colours, everything's a bit pixilated). But I find myself drawn back again and again to the design of the hips and pelvis - the word 'callipygian' comes to mind.

Definately neato. :)

niice :)
this is all i got
i don't do enough/any latexy stuff :(

wear something inspirational plz, i know you can.

Beautiful! I like the alternate version too.

Lovely little frame for it, like it's a photograph.

At first I didn't like the alternative version, but then I realized that what I was interpreting as an entirely reflective opaque surface was actually translucent and revealed some raccoon markings beneath. Yeah, I like the other version too.

I love both of these. Very much. ^.^

Got a link to the Kricfalusi goodness?

A month late I notice this request. It'd be somewhere on his blog, most likely in october (warning: his posts are image-heavy, and a whole month's archive doubly so!)

Supremely hot. Especially the alternate version.

RrrrRRRrrRrr. Can I meet/squeaze? Please? Pretty please?

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