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tattoo thoughts
pentacles, magic
So maybe right after a major exhibition is a good time to think about a tattoo...

Slightly distorted in the process of hacking it onto the SL model. Needs some work in how it fits onto the body, better done with a tool I actually have a clue how to use and/or a model I don't have to patch everything across four seams. Still just pondering. Bet it'd hurt like hell, too...

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Damn fine and very appropriate. If you're concerned about pain levels, I found that the filling in of the lines was the most aggravating, like you're being dug at. The linework itself was a little like being sliced, not actually unpleasant.
Perhaps you could break up the larger areas of black with even more circuitry to prevent long periods of strong pain occuring?

Big thumbs up on the design.

An earlier take experimented with a more robotic-looking wing, with membranes made of meshwork, for just that worry.

I also need to ponder if that's something I'll want for years and years. I've gone away from being a dragon before; I've come back so far, but how will it feel when I'm spending a year or two far away from that? Well, it's just a sketch so far.

Very nice: I'd suggest the tail should be a forked nema-15 power plug, just to carry the technological theme of the wing membranes.

The first versions were even more technological - it's gone through an iteration or two of abstraction. I'm just an abstract kind of thing...

It is true, the Second Life avatar meshes have the worst damn UV maps I've ever seen. The polygons that get stretched the most have the smallest areas of texture dedicated to them. That there is good olde fashioned what thee fuck.

As for the tattoo itself, I like it, but it does look awfully painful! And, well, I'm a bit of a wimp. :)

Yeah, I am honestly not sure I have enough pain tolerance for this thing myself! Gotta do some research.

Interesting, but from shoulders all the way down your spine? That's a lot of space to ink on your skin. Have you thought of shortening it to uh... tramp stamp dimentions, just on the lower back? Of course it makes less sense to have wings on your butt...

If I decide on something less huge, then it'll be a totally different design, made to fit the space - this one was done thinking 'big wings' from the first doodles.

And yeah, butt-wings are so not me.

a) Painful! Almost certainly.

b) Beautiful, definitely! That design is a hot one.

a) I have a pretty decent pain tolerance, even like it to a certain degree, but I dunno how something like this will feel as I've never felt a desire for a tattoo before. I just never do anything by halves.

b) Thanks!

I think it looks fantastic.

As for the pain aspect, think about it this way - the pain will last for a few hours, but the niggling regret of having changed the aesthetic for convenience and having a not-quite-right design on your body could be there forever.

I don't have a very high pain tolerance, but I do have a very large blackwork tattoo that took 6 hours and went over my ribs. 2 years after having it done, I can still say that for the most part it was more uncomfortable than painful. The most painful bits did have me gritting my teeth, but it's well worth it not to be thinking, "If only I'd had it bigger/longer/the way I actually wanted it".

Yeah, if it turns out that I need to compromise on size I'll reconsider the idea completely. The wings need to be long.

It's still at the stage of "maybe I would like to do this and this is a first decently-developed thought" right now, and I might end up with something much less bold. Some of my explorations were much more delicate.

This is really interesting, and beautiful, but your absolute best bet is to take this idea and show it to a tattoo artist that is really familiar with the way that human skin twists and turns on a daily basis. Artists usually discourage from pieces that "wrap" because they can distort as the skin wears, among other reasons.

And for the record, I still really want to get the piece that you sketched for me done. I've found a shop, and it's just a matter of money now. If you ever tinker with it again, let me know :) otherwise, I still look at the sketches all the time, and have been mentally tinkering with how to finish them.

Fooling with this reminded me of that, and that I do need to sit down and finish it sometime - it just ended up at the bottom of the pile, with a little guilt weighing it down.

I hadn't thought of worrying about joints too much. Ideally it'd be positioned with little to no wrapping into the armpits/underarms, just on the back and arms - I really need to get my boyfriends to take a photo of my back for me to work on top of.

Thanks for the information about large areas of black vs. not for pain. I will take this into account when designing tattoos for other people.

P., the tattoo looks great!

(Deleted comment)
Some of my doodles have the tail doing the same thing. I dunno if I want to imaging a tattoo running around the very sensitive inner thigh, though!

Depending on what you want, one solution might be to get a tiny tattoo in an area that'd be covered by the bigger piece.

If you really want a sense of how it would look in 3-D, print it out as a stencil and have one of your partners bodypaint/watercolor it onto your back. Modify as necessary through subsequent iterations.

It's a lovely design! I admit to envy. I've long pictured Dennis Redwing to have similar wing ink (although without the technological focus), and I had to do a double-take on seeing the idea being so well executed outside of my hindbrain.

I am thinking that testing something like this is what Photoshop is made for!

Once I work out the bugs in this and get down to contemplating if I actually want it on my body, I could probably knock out a similar design quickly. If you want to contemplate something like that on your own body.

Undeniably hot design!

As for the large amount of black space...thought of inverting the colors on the inside of the wing? The circuit-traces would probably still look good as black lines, with just the outer trailing edge of the wing as black as well, but still filling in the space. Much less full-black area, though I don't know if it'd be less striking that way...

I've had the same debate in my head a lot, really. Given how variable I am on some things, I'd be really hard-pressed to find something that I'd want to commit to a permanent inking.

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